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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

GLOBAL GOTS STANDARD. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

GOTS CERTIFICATION. On-site inspection and certification of processors, manufacturers and traders performed by independent specially accredited bodies is the basis of the GOTS monitoring system in order to provide a credible assurance for the integrity of GOTS certified textiles.

BENEFITS of Organic Cotton, organically grown, handpicked. Cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, washed with biodegradable detergents, no degreasers, no surfactants or chlorine bleach. Long staple cotton for durability. Dyed with natural, 'heavy metal free' colors. Biodegradable, easy on the earth. Does not have the finishes, bleaches, toxins and colorants that conventional cotton has. Recycle; make something else. NON GMO.

FAIR TRADED for the good of all that grown and produce our products.

Biodegradable; easy on the earth.
Recycle; create something new.

Unsustainable Conventional Cotton

One of the most heavily chemically treated crops in the world.
Toxic finishes and dyes.
Baby’s thin, tender skin easily absorbs toxics elimate this rish with organic cotton
Responsible for polluting our streams, oceans, lands.
Pesticides, herbicides and ……are sprayed over the field workers as they plant, work and harvest this crop. It is widely known that this has lead to birth defects and medical conditions for the field workers, their children and unborn babies.
Traded for low prices, resulting in low wages and income for farms and farm workers, another unacceptable fact of unsustainable cotton.

Dunlop versas Talalay

Dunlop Latex.closed cell structure repels dust, dead skin, pollen and dust mites. Dunlop Latex is molded in one solid piece in all sizes, no seams. Talalay Latex pieces wider than 40" (Full, Queen or King size) are seamed with a glue, placement of the seams varies with each piece, therefore, no seam Dunlop latex is more durable. The Dunlop process has been used in latex manufacturing since the late 1920’s. The natural milky tree sap, is whipped into froth in a centrifuge, poured into a mold, covered, and steam baked). Tested for purity.

More durable than conventional mattresses so they don't end up in the land fill as often.

Biodegradable; easy on the earth.
Recycle; shred latex to make a comfy sleeping pillow.

Why Wool

Breathable comfort all year round, All-Natural, Renewable, Fire-Resistant

Wool’s natural insulting properties regulates to your body's temperature, the air trapped between the fibers responds to your body temperature, and perspiration is absorbed and released slowly through evaporation, so no more overheating or chills ensuring that you will never be to hot or cold. Teh scales and hollow core fo the wool fiber wicks away moisture to keep you to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Breathable wool reduces thermal stress on the body, creating the most optimal body temperature for sleep, which therefore, increases the length of your REM sleep, a vital stage of sleep. Hypoallergenic, naturally dust mite resistant. Wool has the ability to whisk away moisture and dries extremely quickly, which makes wool naturally dust mite resistant. Other bedding fibers cannot match the natural breathability of wool, which makes wool the perfect choose for your bedding. Naturally flame-resistant, therefore, eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals in your pillow. Wool is a sustainable and Eco friendly resource, unlike other man-made fibers that have a negative impact on our Eco systems.

Premium American Eco Wool, certified by Oregon Tilth. Fleeces are sorted and washed with only hot water and vegetable-based soaps (no detergents, chemicals, or chlorine bleach), then fibers are carded by a domestic mill in a chemical-free carding facility. American sheep live a stress free life of,  organic food, clean living environment and good health.  We are proud to support American Sheep Farmers; your purchase allows you to become part of this support system. American Wool from happy sheep raised on sustanable farms. Biodegradable, easy on the earth. 

Biodegradable; easy on the earth.
Recycle; create something else.


When your spring mattress is ready to be replaced if can be recycled. Contact a Mattress Recycle center. They will sterilize the frame and resell them. Most states now have such facilities.

Recycle; create something else.

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