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Organic Nest Proves That Green is a Beautiful Color

August 5, 2011

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Here in Music City we like to pride ourselves in saying “We were country when country wasn’t cool,” like the popular Barbara Mandrell song goes. This is also true about Nashville Wraps’ customer Debbie Foster but in a different way. Debbie was into organics long before organic products and organic farming was ever cool.
Her healthy lifestyle grew into the New Jersey business she founded called Organic Nest. Debbie strongly believes in promoting only earth-friendly and sweatshop-free products. The Organic Nest sells luxurious organic bedding, baby items, botanicals, and apparel made in America. All items are displayed on local recycled furniture.

Her ideas about healthy living began 21 years ago after the birth of her son. Debbie explains, “I started creating a healthy kitchen, full of organic foods and condiments, which lead me to create an organic garden, which led me to the discovery of the truth about our conventional chemical-based food supply. This information also led me to the fact that conventional farm workers were being exposed to harmful chemicals, not to mention the Earth and all of us who are eating conventional food.”

All of this felt unfair to the “rebel with a cause” as Debbie refers to herself. She was prompted to find a way to make an impact on the changes that needed to happen.

She feels we send a clear message when we support Fair Trade products for the good of all that produce them. Purchasing products from Organic Nest supports sustainable organic agriculture, like cotton grown without toxic chemicals.

Debbie’s family worked the land for hundreds of years since their arrival to America in 1626. “It settled in my bones at a early age, after hearing all of my family stories, that we are a country built on supporting one another,” Debbie states. “Therefore, buying and supporting American-made products is one of the most patriotic things we can do.”

She feels the time has come for all Americans to buy US-made products as a proactive way to restart our struggling economy. Buying American helps local economies grow so they can retain employees and even hire new ones. As demand grows, more US factories will begin to emerge. When we talk about sustainability, US-made products are at the heart of the issue.
Organic Nest wraps all of their gifts exclusively in Nashville Wraps Green Way® products. From recycled gifts boxes to gift bags, they love our packaging and so do their customers.

After they wrap a gift, they always receive compliments about how lovely it looks. At showers their special gift wrap stands out and everyone gets excited about what’s in the bag or box from Organic Nest.

Their website business is a very important part of their success because it allows people from all over the world to buy from them. They also are able to promote their business on eco-friendly websites.

The Organic Nest is very excited about their brand new Eco Baby Concierge Service which offers full assistance to new and expecting moms in creating their own eco-conscious nursery.

We are so proud to have passionate customers like Debbie Foster who help raise the level of awareness about the importance of organic farming, the Fair Trade movement, and supporting American-made products.

Buffie Baril
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