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Dear Debbie, On behalf of the Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center and the many guests we serve, I would like to thank you for your commitment to helping meet the needs of our guests. Since 1984, the Community Soup Kitchen has been helping our homeless, working poor, elderly and disabled neighbors by serving a hot noon-time meal and providing supportive services 365 days a year. We have never closed our doors or missed a single day in 27 years. Through our Outreach Center, guests who visit our Soup Kitchen are also offered additional services to address the underlying causes of their poverty. Social workers, community advocates, and outreach workers offer valuable information and referrals for housing, employment, mental health care, medical guidance, and advocacy; as well as outreach to the immigrant community. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for thinking of us – our guests so appreciate it! Sincerely, Heidi Griffee Office Manager

- Heidi Griffee

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to tell you that the mattress arrived today right on schedule and it is perfect. Thanks so much for following up and making sure we had it by Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday! Nancy

- Nancy Reeves

Thank you SO much Debbie! I told my daughter what a pleasure it was to shop at your store and suggested that she or anyone else doing baby shopping, use it in the future. I'll enjoy tracking the package and, it will make me feel better about missing the shower (on Sunday). I appreciate your kindness, Sheri Raupp

- Sheri Raupp

Joan, THANK YOU so much for writing this blog. It was a pleasure meeting you and I am very flattered with your comments. I looked at your website and your pictures of your wedding are beautiful and you are very photogenic. I will recommend you to customers who need a photographer and I will probably use your services in the future as well. Thank you again and god bless you and your husband. Sincerely, Allison Johnston

- Allison Johnsto

What a beautiful shop! Debby is so helpful. She was able to find the perfect baby gift for my budget. It was received with rave reviews.

- Christine



Debbie, Just wanted to thank you for such a pretty packaging. I can sense the care you give to the things you carry and that reach us. That was very nice. I thank you!! Yukari

- Yukari

Thank you very much. I love the things I received last week. Lovely organics. Take care, Rebekkah

- Rebekkah

Thank you for fabulous service! Sometimes hard to find these days! Maggie

- Maggie

Hi Debbie, Thank you very much for all your help yesterday. It was really fun shopping with your help. I appreciate your expertise and the time you took to help me. Kathy

- Kathy

Thank you, Ms. Foster, for your thoughtful and generous assistance in sending out my order so quickly. My husband and I moved to Ohio from New Jersey about a year ago, but I remembered your shop from my first pregnancy---so when I could not locate any organic cotton infant clothing in this area of Ohio, I looked up your shop online. I am so glad that I found your website! I am looking forward to seeing all the adorable little baby things. Thank you again, Janice

- Janice

Just to let you know the mattress fits perfect. Thanks for your help, Kathy

- Kathy

Hi Debbie, Rowan seems very happy with his new big bed, and Alexis was very pleased with the men who delivered and set up the furniture. She also appreciated your quick follow-up with a question she had about the dresser. Thank you for all your efforts, Gemma

- Gemma

Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I appreciate it. I do have the bumper inside the cover but I will try affixing onto the crib again so that the ties are hold it in place more securely. Thanks for the below. Very helpful and makes me feel much much better. Cristen

- Cristen

Just received the blanket. My friend's daughter will absolutely love it. Thank you so much for all your helping and rushing it to me. The bunny is absolutely adorable. Brenda

- Brenda

Thank you so much. We are so grateful for kind peace like yourself. My family truly appreciates your thoughtfulness. Sincerely, Jessica & Family

- Jessica & Family

Hi Debbie, Thank you for your kind and cheerful assistance. It's been a pleasure shopping for these purchases. Saturday will be a lovely celebration and I am happy to be bringing selections that Nicki has admired and will cherish using when the baby arrives. Sincerely, Aurora

- Aurora


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